The Financial Crimes Compliance department of Binance has
partnered with Taiwan’s Ministry of Justice Investigation Bureau and the Taipei
District Prosecutors Office to address a money laundering case involving 200
million New Taiwan dollars ($6.2 million) in digital asset fraud.

Gathering Evidence in Crypto Fraud Case

An official statement revealed that the operation targeted
criminals who laundered illegal proceeds through cryptocurrency transactions.
The perpetrators used fake remittance documents, counterfeit identification,
and manipulated communication records to avoid detection by law enforcement.

With Binance’s assistance, Lo Wei-yuan, a prosecutor in the
Taipei District Prosecutors Office, was able to gather evidence against nine
individuals charged with money laundering, fraud, and organized crime.

In 2023, Binance applied to be registered under Taiwan’s
Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) and Money Laundering Control Act. The
exchange has been acknowledged by local regulatory bodies for its cooperation
in investigations into digital asset fraud.

Taiwan Prepares for Crypto Regulations

Taiwanese regulators are preparing to introduce
cryptocurrency regulations by the end of 2024. FSC Chairman Huang Tianzhu has
expressed concerns about the use of cryptocurrencies for illegal activities and
plans to enhance oversight of crypto exchanges and impose penalties.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Justice has suggested amendments to
current AML laws, potentially imposing jail terms of up to two years and fines
of up to $1.5 million for noncompliant firms. These amendments aim to
strengthen measures against fraud and enhance money laundering prevention for
crypto service providers.

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