Bitcoin has recently concluded April, marking its most significant monthly decline. Despite the bearish momentum, leading market analysts, including Michael van de Poppe, believe that the worst may soon be over, suggesting that Bitcoin is nearing the end of its current correction phase.

Bitcoin At The End Of Correction?

April was challenging for Bitcoin, as its value plunged nearly 20%, dipping below $57,000, the lowest level traded since late February.

This drop is part of an intense market sell-off that has slashed the combined cryptocurrency market cap by nearly 10%, bringing it down to $2.2 trillion. Amid these declines, Michael van de Poppe, a revered figure in the crypto analysis space, provided hope.

In his recent statements on the social platform X, Van de Poppe suggested that Bitcoin’s current price levels might be nearing the bottom of this correction cycle.

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He highlighted the critical price range of $56,000 to $58,000 as pivotal for Bitcoin’s short-term trajectory, indicating potential areas for a rebound.

A Closer Look At Predictions And Market Sentiments

Van de Poppe isn’t alone in his optimistic outlook. Other analysts, like Checkmate, an on-chain expert, have analyzed Bitcoin’s historical data to predict future movements.

Checkmate introduced the term “chopsolidation,” describing it as a phase of stagnant yet volatile market conditions that could precede a significant bullish run.

He expects this phase to last about six months, followed by a potential 6 to 12 months of explosive growth reminiscent of past cycles. Furthermore, historical data from Bitcoin’s Halving years support the theory that after a halving event, the market tends to perform strongly towards the end of the year.

However, there are not all optimistic forecasts in the crypto realm. The spot Bitcoin ETF market witnessed over $300 million in net outflows in April, breaking a three-month streak of inflows, reflecting a broader sentiment of caution among investors.

Moreover, Charles Edwards, founder of Capriole Investments, has voiced concerns over the market’s extraordinary bullishness, warning of the necessity for corrections within such a volatile asset class.

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