CoinPoker, a crypto betting app, has recently abolished all withdrawal fees on its platform, aligning itself with industry trends seen in online gambling sites like Rollbit.

This strategic move is expected to enhance CoinPoker’s competitiveness and potentially attract more users over time, especially as it offers similar features to Rollbit and introduces unique propositions such as poker games against human opponents.

The elimination of withdrawal fees, coupled with the recent success of gambling coins like Rollbit, could drive positive momentum for CoinPoker’s native CHP token.

The platform’s official announcement emphasized that only blockchain network fees will apply to withdrawals, highlighting a user-centric approach aimed at fostering growth and stability.

Previously, CoinPoker imposed nominal withdrawal fees to support site security and stability. However, advancements in security measures now allow the platform to waive these fees without compromising user experience or safety.

Currently ranked 90th globally in the poker category by SimilarWeb, CoinPoker has seen steady growth, rising 14 places between February and March. With its strong user experience and unique offerings, CoinPoker is poised to climb further in industry rankings.

The platform’s Crypto Series of Poker tournament, featuring a guaranteed prize pool of $1 million, has garnered significant attention, attracting renowned players like Tony G. who recently won over $300,000.

As CoinPoker solidifies its position as a leading destination for crypto-friendly poker, it stands to gain market share from competitors like Rollbit. This potential growth trajectory could also bolster the value of CoinPoker’s CHP token.

Despite recent declines, CHP has shown resilience, prompting investor interest following the withdrawal fee announcement. With consistent platform expansion, CHP may mirror the success of Rollbit’s RLB token, which has surged by 670% over the past year.

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