Despite the unimpressive XRP price action, this crypto analyst has predicted that the crypto token could witness a God candle that will send its price to unprecedented heights. The analyst also suggested when this parabolic move will happen. 

XRP Price To Rise To $30 Soon Enough

Crypto analyst DustyBC shared a chart on his X (formerly Twitter) platform in which he predicts that XRP will experience a God candle that will send its price to 30, representing about a 4,000% price gain for the crypto token. Interestingly, the crypto token suggested that this move will happen sometime this year. 

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DustyBC’s prediction is based on a symmetrical triangle, showing how XRP has been consolidating for years and is well primed for a breakout. Given how lengthy this consolidation has been (since 2017), the analyst believes that such a parabolic rise is possible. Crypto analyst CasiTrades also thinks that XRP can record such price gains. 

She mentioned in an X post that XRP is about to “complete its 2245-day triangle,” which could present a chance of a lifetime. She had previously raised the possibility of XRP rising to as high as $80 when it breaks out of the consolidation triangle. CasiTrades also recently mentioned that XRP had consolidated even further over the past few days, claiming that a breakout was imminent. 


The crypto analyst also alluded to XRP’s “interesting” Relative Strength Index (RSI) as another reason to be bullish on the crypto token. She acknowledged that XRP’s price hasn’t changed much but noted that there are signs for an imminent breakout. 

Crypto analyst Egrag Crypto also recently revealed that XRP’s RSI has dropped to its lowest in history while highlighting how bullish this was for the crypto token. XRP currently has a low RSI, which suggests that the crypto token is undervalued and could rise soon enough to attain its fair value. Meanwhile, Egrag charted two paths that XRP could follow as it rises to a price target of $7.5. 

XRP Is About To Make A Name For Itself

Crypto analyst Javon Marks recently suggested that XRP is about to go parabolic, stating, “If XRP hasn’t already made a name for itself, it sure looks as if it’s about to do so now.” He made this statement while revealing a Hidden Bullish Divergence that had formed on XRP’s chart. He claimed that XRP saw a price gain of over 63,000% in less than one year the last time this setup formed on the charts.

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The crypto analyst added that such price gain is possible again, with XRP currently at its breaking point. Marks had previously predicted that XRP could enjoy a 33,000% price gain, sending it above $200. 

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At the time of writing, XRP is trading at around $0.52, up in the last 24 hours, according to data from CoinMarketCap. 

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