In his latest YouTube video titled “If I Had To 10X My Money In 90 Days, I’d Buy This Crypto Altcoin”, Miles Deutscher, renowned crypto analyst Miles Deutscher presented a refined outlook on altcoins he believes are positioned for significant gains in the next 90 days. Originally aiming to spotlight altcoins capable of a 20x return by the cycle’s end, Deutscher adjusted expectations based on realistic market analysis, highlighting those with the potential for a 10x increase.

Altcoins With A 10x Potential

Deutscher began his analysis by addressing the volatility and uncertainty inherent in the crypto markets, particularly within the altcoin sector. “A 20X return is not easy,” he explained, detailing the necessity of venturing deep into the risk curve and focusing on altcoins with smaller market caps to achieve such high returns. “You’re gonna need to go for coins in the one to $200 million market cap region, maybe $500 million to a billion,” he added.

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Recognizing the often unpredictable nature of the crypto market, Deutscher revised his approach: “So I’m actually going to reduce this question to 10x. I think 10x is much more realistic for many alts. I like the risk reward on a 10x more, than a 20x.”

Deutscher highlighted several altcoins he believes hold the potential for substantial gains:

Dogwifhat (WIF): Positioned as the premier meme coin on the Solana blockchain, WIF was discussed with particular enthusiasm by the analyst. With a current market cap of around $3.7 billion, Deutscher forecasted a possible climb to $37 billion, supported by strong community backing and favorable market conditions. He cited recent price movements and community engagement as indicators of an imminent rise, “WIF is starting to break out past this level [at around $3.60] on the daily, which is super bullish.”

Pepe (PEPE): Another meme coin, Pepe, was noted for its volatility and high-risk, high-reward nature by Deutscher. Despite achieving a 70x return personally, Deutscher still foresees a lot of potential. However, he also advised viewers on the strategy of taking profits progressively, underscoring the necessity to secure gains in a high-volatility environment.

Prime (Gaming Sector): Turning to the gaming niche, PRIME was mentioned by the crypto analysis as a promising candidate for a 10x increase, leveraging the growing popularity and investment flowing into blockchain-based gaming.

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Fantom (Infrastructure) and AIOZ (DePin/AI): Both Fantom and AIOZ were recognized for their technological innovations and potential market growth, with Deutscher predicting feasible 10x gains due to their solid technological foundations and market positions. “Fantom (FTM) can 10x. AIOZ can 10x,” he stated.

Risk Management In Crypto

Importantly, Deutscher emphasized the differentiation in investment strategies based on coin type and market position. While coins like Solana and Ondo Finance might not present a 10x gain, their market leadership and stability offer lower yet significant returns, which can be crucial for maintaining balance within a diversified portfolio.

“Can Solana and Ondo Finance (ONDO) 10x? Maybe not, but they’re leaders in their respective sectors. So you may be happy with a 3, 4x there. Not everything needs to be a 10x. This is what you also have to understand. Certain coins in your portfolio have a different purpose. You go in with bigger size, they’re safer. So you’re not taking on as much risk,” Deutscher explained.

He also discussed riskier ventures such as Astroport, which, due to its lower market cap, presents a classic high-risk, high-reward scenario. “The lower the market cap, the easier it is to pump because the less liquidity it takes to impact the price,” Deutscher noted, highlighting the speculative nature of such altcoins.

At press time, WIF traded at $3.46.

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