With the crypto market expected to enter a bull run later this year, and Bitcoin, alongside altcoins, are already expected to be responding to it. As crypto investors eagerly await this bull run, a crypto analyst has revealed where they expect the prices of six cryptocurrencies to reach.

Bitcoin And Altcoins Set To Move

As Bitcoin and altcoins begin their move up, Crypto Emily, an analyst, has revealed where she expects the price of major cryptocurrencies to go. The analyst starts out with Bitcoin, giving it a major price tag before moving on to other altcoins.

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For Bitcoin, Crypto Emily believes that the price of the foremost cryptocurrency will rise to $100,000, joining the ranks of Bitcoin believers who think this is possible. From the current price, it is a less than 50% price move for the leading crypto, suggesting that it is possible.

Then moving further, the crypto analyst turns her attention to altcoins. The first of the altcoins is Ethereum, which is the second-largest cryptocurrency in the market. Despite Ethereum failing to break $4,000, the crypto analyst expects that the altcoin will see its price eventually touch $10,000 as it’s inevitable.

This bullishness carries on to other larger altcoins besides Bitcoin and Ethereum. For example, Crypto Emily makes similar forecasts for both the Solana price and the BNB price. She expected Solana to rise another 600% to reach $1,000 from here, and then for BNB to climb almost 50% to reach the same $1,000.

Moving on, the next altcoins to make the list are XRP and Polygon’s MATIC. Both of these digital assets, the crypto analyst believes will eventually reach $10, a similarly price increase for both of them. However, what is even more interesting is how both of these altcoins have performed over the last year.

While the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum have seen major upside this year, both XRP and MATIC have failed to make any meaningful moves. The XRP price is still over 83% down from its $3.84 all-time high and MATIC is 75% down from its $2.92 all-time high. Together, the constitute some of the worst performances seen among large altcoins over the last year.

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Nevertheless, for now, the crypto bull run looks to be far off as Bitcoin and altcoins continue to struggle in the market. Given the crypto market’s dependency on Bitcoin to begin the next bull run, a break toward $80,000 would likely kickstart the next bull run. In this case, altcoins are expected to run alongside it, making new all-time highs as well.

BTC price sees sharp recovery | Source: BTCUSD on Tradingview.com

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