After the recent market pump, Solana (SOL) recovered an important support zone. As a result, analysts have debated whether the altcoin is poised for a liftoff to a new all-time high (ATH) or about to face a meltdown.

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Analysts Fear SOL’s Top Is In

After recovering the $160 support zone over a week ago, Solana reached heights not seen since the beginning of April. SOL neared the $190 resistance level but failed to surpass it. Instead, the token’s price hovered between the $180 and $170 mark before returning near the $160 support zone over the weekend.

Despite underperforming compared to Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), the token reached a new ATH in a key metric during this cycle. In March, Solana’s market capitalization surpassed its previous ATH, reaching a market cap of $93 billion.

Last week’s pump saw SOL surge by over 56% from its price during the May 1 retrace, propelling its market cap above its 2021 ATH to levels resembling March’s ATH. Nonetheless, some crypto analysts see the possibility of a meltdown ahead for Solana.

Crypto analyst Bluntz posted a video looking at SOL’s macro chart. Per the post, the analyst considers that “SOL is done, SOL is exhausted, and it’s probably time for ETH to catch up, which will probably be the last leg of the bull market.”

The analyst considers the macro chart to display some concerning signs that suggest the token has “probably topped.” Per Bluntz’s chart, SOL had a five-way climb to its cycle high of $210 in March. Despite not making the price ATH due to inflation, the analysts highlighted Solana’s market cap ATH as a key factor.

Solana’s macro chart. Source: Bluntz on X

Moreover, the crypto trader pointed out a five-way decline since March’s highs, followed by a three-way move up. To the analyst, this suggests that Solana is “exhausted” as it’s starting to struggle.

According to Bluntz, there’s a high chance that the highlighted performance will result in a “macro lower high.” Additionally, he forecasted SOL’s price to retrace below the $100 mark.

Is Solana Poised For A Liftoff Or A Meltdown?

Similarly, pseudonym analyst Credible issued a warning regarding SOL’s future. To the analyst, “coins like $SOL are just in larger distribution structures now.” However, Credible considers that BTC’s strength will relieve SOL as it initially “drags the whole market up.”

The analyst agreed with Bluntz’s prediction, stating that it is “ultimately where we are headed,” but considers there’s a good chance Solana sees highs above March’s mark “before the real meltdown.”

Nonetheless, some crypto analysts disagree with the gloomy forecast. DocXBT asserted he has “seen a lot of terrible Solana takes lately.” The analyst believes the token is “holding daily trends” and displays positive support and resistance levels.

Solana, SOL
SOL’s performance during this cycle. Source: docXBT

Moreover, he considers that investors should “stop overthinking it” unless “we lose daily trends” as the performance looks “supper clean.”

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On a similar note, CryptoJelle pointed out that SOL is “forming the post-breakout higher low.” To the analyst, Solana is following the same behavior it did during the February-March leg.

Ultimately, Jelle suggests that the token could have found its bottom, and it’s currently getting ready for liftoff to a new ATH. The analyst forecasted a $600 price prediction for SOL this cycle.

Solana is trading at $171.18 in the three-day chart. Source: SOLUSDT on TradingView

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