Counter-trading CNBC’s Jim Cramer has gone from being a meme to something that Bitcoin investors have begun to take seriously. As the inverse of what Cramer says has usually been the case, taking a stand in the opposite direction has proved positive for some investors. Once more, Cramer has shared his thoughts on where the BTC price is headed, so is it time to buy or sell?

Jim Cramer Calls The Bitcoin Top

In a new episode, the Mad Money host, a show hosted on the CNBC Network, called out a possible top for Bitcoin. Now, the price of BTC has been steadily rising this week, which saw the price eventually rise above $47,000 for the first time in almost two years.

Following this brief surge, Cramer took to the show to reveal that he thinks the price of the asset has reached a possible top. However, instead of the usual one-sided argument, Cramer would go on to tell investors to buy BTC if they want. So while the former hedge fund manager did call for Bitcoin to top out, he is not advising investors to not buy the cryptocurrency.

“Let’s stop fooling around,” Cramer states. “You want Bitcoin, buy Bitcoin. I think Bitcoin is topping out, by the way. So I’m going to say enough is enough.” This statement tends to play on both sides of the coin for now, no longer discouraging investors from buying the asset.

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BTC Goes The Opposite Way Of Cramer

Going through the path of counter-trading Jim Cramer would actually see investors buying Bitcoin at this time. If the same inverse correlation holds, then the Bitcoin price could be rocketing up from here once more.

This school of thought did not just emerge out of nowhere as even as recently as last week, the act of counter-trading Cramer seems to remain a profitable venture. Last week, Cramer had taken to his Mad Money show to praise Bitcoin after being previously bearish. Cramer explained that Bitcoin cannot be killed, saying BTC was “here to stay” and the likes of Charlie Munger were blind to it.

However, in true Cramer fashion, the price of Bitcoin would tank not long after, crashing from above $45,000 to below $42,000 on January 3. This is also not limited to crypto as there was an ETF dedicated to investing in the opposite direction of Cramer’s stock picks, although that ETF was closed in 2023.

Nevertheless, as news of Cramer’s new stance hits the headlines, it’ll be interesting to see where the BTC price goes from here. If it follows previous trends, then the BTC price could be headed toward a price crash once again.

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