Over the weekend, the LUNC price saw some of the most bullish price action that sent its price soaring over 20%. This rally eventually brought the price above $0.0001 after struggling around $0.00009 for the last two weeks. However, the tides seem to be completely changing for the altcoin, as one analyst expects the rally to continue.

Prepare For The LUNC Price To Double

The LUNC price, despite having risen so much, is still showing signs of a continuation. This is evident in the Falling Wedge Breakout that was confirmed by crypto analyst Ava Cryptoo on TradingView. This Falling Wedge Breakout is significant as it often precedes some of the most significant rallies in cryptocurrencies, such as LUNC.

The price of the altcoin is currently retesting the significant resistance at $0.000115. Now, this level is significant because rejection from this level had initially stopped the LUNC price breakout on Saturday. Now that the price is starting to retest it again, it shows that the bulls are far from done with this altcoin.

Source: Tradingview.com

In a scenario where the LUNC price successfully retests and breaks above this level, then the crypto analyst expects that the price will more than double from its current level. They put the price target for the altcoin as high as $0.00022, and the timeline for this is shown to be a matter of days. However, all of this hinges on the fact that the price makes a “Perfect Retest” and breaks out completely.

LUNC price chart from Tradingview.com

Token price climbs to $0.000114 | Source: LUNCUSDT on Tradingview.com

Why Is The Altcoin Rallying Amid Low Market Sentiment?

The LUNC price breaking out during such slow market movements suggests an end to the accumulation that happened below $0.0001. In addition to this, Binance carrying out its scheduled LUNC burn contributed to the rise in price that was seen this weekend.

Binance, the largest crypto exchange in the world, has been committed to burning LUNC tokens realized from fees in an effort to help reduce its vast supply. The latest burn which took place on February 1 saw approximately 2.1 billion tokens performantly removed from circulation.

This is the 18th burn that the crypto exchange has carried out, each time removing hundreds of millions to billions of tokens from circulation. Following this burn, the crypto exchange has helped the LUNC burn figure cross the 51 billion threshold.

A wave of excitement naturally followed the monthly burn as the price started to rise rapidly. The LUNC trading volume reportedly surged more than 700% at the time, at first triggering a 10% increase in price. By the time the weekend was over, the LUNC price had already risen more than 20%, and continues to hold on to the majority of its gains.

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