NodeMonkes, the leading Bitcoin-based NFT collection, once again led CryptoSlam’s daily sales chart on Wednesday, achieving US$935,770 in sales.

This marks the second time NodeMonkes has topped the sales chart this week. The recent surge has propelled NodeMonkes’ cumulative sales volume to US$229.06 million, placing it 26th on the all-time sales chart, surpassing the Avalanche-based Crabada.

The second highest-performing collection of the day was Guild of Guardians Avatars on Immutable, with daily sales reaching US$693,704, moving up from third place the previous day.

In third place, DMarket on the Mythos chain recorded daily sales of US$672,737.

Just outside the top three, Ethereum’s Bored Ape Yacht Club had daily sales of US$415,991, while Solana’s DogeZuki Collection saw a sales volume of US$397,332.

Solana Monkey Business also made significant contributions with US$317,537 in sales, aiding Solana’s total daily sales of US$2.42 million.

NodeMonkes’ performance significantly boosted the Bitcoin network’s standing on the blockchain NFT sales chart, which totaled US$5.17 million in sales on Wednesday, up from US$4.23 million the previous day.

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