Crypto investment firm Pantera Capital aims to raise $1 billion for a new fund dedicated to revitalizing the crypto industry. Cosmo Jiang, Pantera Capital’s portfolio manager, revealed that over $200 million of this fund is allocated for investments in artificial intelligence projects.

In a recent interview with DL News, Jiang expressed his belief that AI will become integral to every crypto company, likening it to the necessity of a website for modern businesses. “Investing in AI firms will soon be as standard as investing in companies with websites,” Jiang stated.

Pantera Capital is therefore on the lookout for projects that leverage AI to enhance blockchain technology and vice versa.

Pantera Capital, which counts major companies like Coinbase (NASDAQ:COIN), Circle, and Bitstamp in its portfolio, plans to significantly increase its investment in AI-related blockchain projects with the new fund. Jiang noted that their previous fund allocated around 15% to 20% of its capital to such projects, and expects the new fund to allocate even more.

If this trend continues, Pantera Capital could potentially invest over $200 million in AI-adjacent crypto projects over the next decade. Although Jiang did not confirm an exact figure, he acknowledged it as a reasonable estimate.

The fusion of AI and blockchain technologies has captured significant interest, with predictions suggesting it could contribute about $20 trillion to the global economy by 2030. Investors have already funneled over $98.8 million into this sector since the start of 2024. The market value of AI tokens has reached $26 billion, and Bitcoin miners are exploring ways to supply processing power for training AI tools used by Silicon Valley giants.

Pantera Capital is not the only entity recognizing the potential of AI and blockchain convergence. Hedge fund manager Brevan Howard is also actively exploring opportunities in this space.

In a related development, three major AI blockchain firms—SingularityNET,, and Ocean Protocol—are planning to merge their crypto tokens to create a decentralized AI platform. The proposed ASI token is expected to have a fully diluted value of approximately $7.5 billion. While the merger plans require community approval, an official announcement could come as early as Wednesday. The merged entity, the Superintelligence Collective, will guide their collaborative efforts while allowing the companies to maintain their individual operations.

However, there is some skepticism regarding AI-related crypto tokens. A recent research report by leading crypto exchange Coinbase (NASDAQ:COIN) suggested that the surge in the AI token market might be driven more by hype than by genuine utility. The report indicated that the value of many AI tokens could be overstated due to the prevailing focus on the AI industry and that these tokens might lack sustainable demand-side drivers in the near to medium term.

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