Chainlink has shot up over 12% to break $18 during the past day. A retest of the on-chain resistance wall at $20 could be next.

Chainlink Has Outperformed Market With Its 12% Rally

The past 24 hours have been green for most of the cryptocurrency sector, but the positive returns have been small for most of the market, with Bitcoin, the largest digital asset, only seeing profits of 1%.

Chainlink, however, has separated from the crowd during this period, rallying around 12%. The chart below shows how the coin has performed over the last few days.

Chainlink Price Chart

The price of the coin seems to have observed a sharp climb over the past day | Source: LINKUSD on TradingView

With this latest surge, Chainlink has surpassed the $18 level for the first time in almost two years. With profits of about 30% over the past week, LINK is by far the best-performing asset among the top 60 cryptocurrencies by market cap.

Speaking of the market cap list, LINK has now flipped Tron (TRX) to become the 11th largest asset in the sector following this recent strong performance. The table below shows where LINK stands among its peers in the sector right now.

Chainlink Market Cap

The market cap of the coin appears to be around $10.4 billion at the moment | Source: CoinMarketCap

Dogecoin (DOGE) is the next coin above Chainlink now, and if the asset can continue its run, it should be able to flip the meme coin. While there is still some gap between their market caps, it isn’t too big.

Whether the coin can further this rally or not, perhaps on-chain data could provide some hints.

LINK Has Next Major On-Chain Resistance Wall Around $20

As explained by analyst Ali in a new post on X, LINK has significant on-chain resistance at $20. In on-chain analysis, the strength of a support/resistance level lies in the amount of BTC that the investors bought at it.

Below is a chart that shows the distribution of holder cost basis across the various LINK price ranges near the current price of the cryptocurrency.

Chainlink Resistance

Looks like there is some resistance coming up ahead for the coin | Source: @ali_charts on X

When the analyst shared the chart, LINK was trading around $17.85, and the ranges until the $19.49 to $20.03 one weren’t too dense with investors. Chainlink has mowed through some of these weaker price levels since then, and the asset may continue to do so until it strikes the resistance wall around $20.

In total, 5,330 addresses bought 8.59 million LINK within this range. Generally, investors become more sensitive when the price retests their cost basis, so they may be prone to making some moves. For investors in loss like those inside this range, such a retest can mean an exit opportunity, as they might be desperate to get their money back.

This effect becomes more pronounced as investors share their cost basis inside the same range, so ranges with dense cost basis distribution can be a source of major resistance for the spot price.

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