Solana crypto wallet startup TipLink is simplifying blockchain access for newcomers by eliminating the need for traditional wallet browser extensions. Their new service, TipLink Wallet Adaptor, enables users to create in-browser wallets linked to their Google accounts, bypassing the need to set up wallets like Phantom or Solflare before receiving tokens.

TipLink CEO Ian Krotinsky stated, “It unlocks the rest of the world for easy onboarding.” This approach aims to attract the majority of internet users who lack a crypto wallet and the knowledge or inclination to set one up. Users can receive a wallet link, log in with their Google credentials, and start using it immediately.

While this might not sit well with staunch advocates of self-custody—those who emphasize “not your keys, not your coins”—Krotinsky isn’t concerned about that niche. He explained that TipLink’s app secures private keys to minimize the risk of users unintentionally exposing them to phishing attacks. Google’s security measures, especially for accounts with two-factor authentication, add another layer of protection.

“It’s currently not the place users will likely store a million dollars in,” Krotinsky noted, but assured that the team is working to introduce “more layers of security” in the future.

TipLink operates within a controlled environment for decentralized applications, only interacting with vetted programs to ensure user safety and prevent fund theft, as demonstrated in a promotional video shared with CoinDesk.

Additionally, TipLink is developing a “Pro” service aimed at helping developers distribute cryptocurrencies to hundreds or thousands of users via campaign links.

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