The XRP price is seeing another triangle formation on its chart that could point to an impending rally. One important fact about this triangle formation is the fact that it led to a significant rally seven years ago, and if history repeats itself, then XRP may be set for a bullish wave.

XRP Triangle Formation Signals Bullish Continuation

In an analysis on TradingView, crypto analyst TradingShot pointed out that the XRP price is seeing another triangle formation. This formation comes from the culmination of a number of indicators, all of which have become bullish during this time.

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The indicators pointed out by the crypto analyst include the price closing below its 1W MA50 and 1W MA200. While, at first glance, this could look bearish, it can be a bit signal that propels the price up as investors start to get back in at low prices. This is also made obvious by the 1W RSI dropping to 40.00, as historically, this indicator at this level has always presented a buying opportunity.

Furthermore, the crypto analyst points out that the XRP price is currently testing the bottom with the higher lows trend line. All of these have come together to form a triangle structure that has not been seen since 2013-2017.

This triangle structure is important given that the last time it appeared in 2013 and eventually broke out in 2017, the XRP price went on to rally to new all-time highs. Therefore, the appearance of this triangle structure this time around could signal the start of another bullish trend that pushes the altcoin’s price toward new all-time highs as well.

How Far Can The Price Go?

In the scenario where the XRP price does follow the 2013-2017 trend and a breakout occurs, the crypto analyst does see the price reaching a new all-time high. However, for this to happen and for the bullish trend to be confirmed, the price will have to break above the 1W MA200, as the analyst explains.

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In such a case that the altcoin does break this important level, TradingShot puts the price as high as $4.5. Such a move would mean an over 800% increase in value from where the XRP price is currently sitting at $0.47.

However, as with any bullish scenario, there is also the possibility that the trend fails to actualize. In the event that the price does not break the 1W MA200, the crypto analyst advises “that the XRP army will need a need narrative to hang on to, as the long-term pattern would have failed them.”

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